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About Us

Our Heritage

Our History

Three men came together in the year 2004, and they have a long-term vision to serve the best quality work as they can in the field of construction. Ultimately, the firm has been established by a group of three people in the year 2006, Shreeji Construction is one of the biggest and most respected business organizations under reputed and corporate companies across the country.

The group is committed to providing top-class and innovative services across a range of businesses.

Our Heritage
Who We Are

About Us

Wherever you find advanced, Telecom Infrastructure, Property Development, Solar power, Renovation & Expansion you find "Shreeji Construction" delivering innovative solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s various challenges. Established in 2006, Shreeji Construction brings over 15 years of experience, in that span, the company has evolved from solo building projects into a strong construction and development company. During the first phase, A growing client base emerged, that demanded telecom and infrastructure projects. The company is comprised of young, enthusiastic, and technically skilled manpower in the field of Civil Construction (commercial& industrial construction), Telecom Infrastructure & Solar. We are also known as Trunkey service providers amongst the service provider. They provide the capabilities for service differentiation that enable new forms of revenue generation, maximizing network profitability. Service providers, large and small, depend on our consistent delivery of advanced solutions, enabling them to stay ahead of the capacity crunch while keeping the total cost of ownership to a minimum.


To emerge as a pioneer in global infrastructure with a model mix that will lead to an efficient, sustainable, economical, safe, reliable, community friendly, and regionally balanced system.


To incorporate excellence in all matters of execution, engineering, and design skills and emerge as A global corporation with phenomenal growth in all its diverse branches.

Health and safety are two of our company’s most important legal and moral responsibilities. It is regarded, beside competent personnel and quality management , as an essential foundation for successful business and social operations.
Health and safety are recognized ,implemented and maintained from a legal, humanitarian and economic perspective. We believe that A superior safety approach is indicative of assertiveness and responsiveness to employee needs and policy procedures. As A result higher morale and loyalty are reached amongst employees, cultivating enhanced productivity, which again fuels profitability.
Therefor we strive to safeguard our employees and the general public, so far a reasonably practical, from injury, annoyance or risk during all company operations and activities. The outcomes is worth the effort , as it maintains our constancy and vision as top achievers in the construction and development environment. In essence then, sustainability has been reached.
Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition

With our entire focus on delivering first class quality, its no surprise that we have been the recipient of many awards and recognitions over the years . be it for corporate excellence where the company engages in best practices, products quality, innovation, state of the art technology or for our social endeavors, we have been rewarded and admired in each sector over and over again.